Introducing the JUUL!  The JUUL is by far the easiest to use and most reliable electronic cigarette.  Whether you're a casual social smoker, or a multi-pack a day smoker who's been at it for years, the JUUL packs a punch with up to 5% salt nic pods.  Additionally, the JUUL is designed to be as close to a cigarette as possible, both in size and operation.  This makes it a great option for any smoker looking to switch to vaping.  Pick one up for yourself, or as a gift for any smoker in your life.  


Juul Battery


The Juul is the most convenient and reliable way to vape. With its patented temperature control technology, the Juul provides a consistent hit from the first to the last. Say goodbye to burnt hits! For anyone that wants the simplicity of cigarettes, but...

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