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Juno is, perhaps, the most versatile pod system available.  It's perfect for smokers and experienced vapers alike.  The Juno offers, by far, the most full and satisfying amount of vapor of any pod system.  Additionally, the Juno also offers a wild range of nicotine strengths.  Each pod flavor is available in 48mg, 36mg, and 18mg.  Select the strength that's perfect for you, or use the different strengths to gradually reduce your nicotine dose after you've successfully transitioned from traditional combustible cigarettes.


Juno Battery


The Juno is a tiny, portable pod system electronic cigarette in the same family as the Juul. Simply charge the 380mAh battery off of Micro USB, stick in a 1.6ml pod and you're ready to start vaping! The auto-fire battery features a draw sensor to provide...

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